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SCS FileMaker was formed in 1984 to design a complex but very user friendly
self-insured health and welfare system which allowed employers to process their
employee benefit plans. Our system complied with the requirements of HIPAA and ERISA
yet gave the employer full control over the administration of their benefits plan(s).

Our design expertise allowed us to produce unique software solutions to manage other
business data requirments which are:

User Friendly
Increasing Productivity

Our experience has enabled us to help you quickly increase the value of your business.
We work with every version of the developer's edition
FileMaker Pro, from FM5 through
FM16 Pro Advanced. Also having produced "
Runtime" software using FileMaker Pro 17

Clients who have utilized our solutions include Surveyors, Steel Plants, Hospitals, School
Systems, Firefighters, Manufacturers, and Union Plans. We also have designed and
implemented systems for Golf Course League administration which handled the
scheduling complexities of running a multi member Golf League. Plus we developed a
scanned document retreival data base system for a legal proceeding that allowed
attorneys to search, review and print PDF documents during complex depositions.

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